Connect and Engage

Connect and Engage


Results-Oriented Integrated Media Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations
Content marketing. Peer-to-peer fundraising. Mobile apps. Data modeling. Responsive websites. Acquire! Renew! Acknowledge!

New challenges arrive on your desk everyday. New trends in non-profit communications are popping up faster than you can follow them. Technology affects everything you do. Measurement is critical. The new vocabulary is mind-boggling.

What do you do?

Well…MSP Cultivate suggests that you start at the beginning and ask yourself one basic question:

What do I need to do?

Don’t know where to start?
MSP | Cultivate will review your challenges, current strategies, systems, and target audiences… and develop a plan to connect and engage.

Aha! Your data is disorganized, your lists are listless, your results uncertain. What’s the difference between a millennial and a Generation X-er?
MSP | Cultivate can analyze, standardize, and manage your data…to ensure your lists and reporting procedures are up to date, accurate, efficient, and secure. We’ll explain everything and be there with you every step of the way.

Is your annual appeal getting tired: bringing in fewer acquisitions, losing first-time donors on renewal? In a creative rut?
MSP | Cultivate will design and produce annual appeals and direct-mail campaigns to acquire and retain donors…from strategy development to copy writing and design through production and mailing or digital deployment.

Facebook. Instagram. Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising. Everyone is talking about social media and social “apps”—but how can it make a real difference in your strategy and results? How do you use it effectively? (And what is it, anyway??)
MSP | Cultivate can initiate mobile, social, and e-media tactics…digital strategies to promote and encourage online interaction and “inbound” opportunities.

You don’t have enough hours, enough staff—certainly, enough technical training—to sift through all the communications options, let-alone figure out how to use them effectively. (And what’s a landing page, anyway?)
MSP | Cultivate can integrate traditional, digital, and cross-media strategies designed to attract attention and prospects…from direct mail to responsive websites and multi-channel marketing.

How do you keep the ball rolling, once prospects have joined, donated, volunteered? You know you have to keep in touch—but writing thank-you notes takes FOREVER!
MSP | Cultivate will recommend, institute, and automate stewardship procedures…to say thank-you and re-connect.